Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

Am I at risk or other side effect by consuming systematically cultivated mushrooms?

The consumption of standardized mushrooms coming from authorized cultivation units which are available at retail food stores is harmless and totally safe.

More specifically, at “Kolindros Mushrooms” laboratory analyses on our products are conducted continuously. Furthermore, the company complies with the standards of integrated management and quality assurance ISO 22000 and GLOBAL. G.A.P.

As for the consumption of wild mushrooms their collection must be done according to the following quote "We collect only what we can recognize with certainty" from experienced collectors. After all, the following proverb is well known "All mushrooms are edible: some only once".

Can I cultivate at home pleurotus mushrooms?

For amateurs who are interested in discovering the world of mushrooms inexpensively, a shady and sheltered space is enough (a warehouse, a basement, a sheltered balcony). The most suitable seasons are autumn and spring and secondarily winter.  The blocks of pleurotus mushrooms are ready for production and they do not require any special care. For more information contact us.

Diet and mushrooms

The inclusion of mushrooms in our diet gives us many tasty choices which do not contain fat, cholesterol and triglycerides. At the same time, they are rich in proteins of high nutritional value which are the same with the ones that meat and fiber has. Moreover, they are a low-calorie food and their anticancer properties have been scientifically proven.